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23th to 27th July 2018


Some notes from the history of the club

In The Beginning...1978

On the evening of July 8th 1978 sixteen people gathered at Ryan "Peelers" Pub in Rosmult, Drombane. The purpose of their attendance was to discuss the formation of a soccer club for the area. Clodiagh Rangers A.F.C. was duly launched that night.
Now over two decades on at the dawn of a new millennium it’s time to reflect on what has become one of North Tipperary’s most durable club’s.
A club that has given enjoyment to hundreds who wore the colours down through the years.From the Milestone to Ballinahow and further afield the club has straddled parish boundaries and drawn people together on and off the pitch.
To the pioneers of Clodiagh Rangers we say thank you for your vision.You are responsible for a thriving football club which is now welcoming the next generation of young players.Sure winter Sunday’s wouldn’t be the same without it!
Note Unfortunately a complete compilation of match results from 1978 to 1999 was impossible to provide in this text as they weren’t documented until 1990. However some results from the early years are available and have been included.

Up and Running

Between the inaugural meeting on July 8th and the end of 1978 the club held about fifteen committee meetings in order to establish a firm footing.With the background work taking shape the focus turned to competition. The club received a most generous and welcome gift from Willie Corbett N.T. when he supplied a set of jerseys for our team. On 15th October 1978 Clodiagh won it’s first ever trophy when they defeated Castleview Rangers by 3 goals to 1 in Templemore.


Pat Moloney, Ollie Murphy, Liam Looby, Eamon Ryan(C), Pat Keane, Jack Looby, Tom Carey, Phil Lowry(Moy.),
Michael Crowe, Seamus Barry, Martin Browne, Dinny Looby, Paddy Ryan(C), Paddy Clancy, Donal Murphy, Tommy Ryan(C),
Eugene Burke R.I.P., Padraig Burke, Johnny Dwyer, Tom Kennedy, Billy Clancy, Michael Greene, Eddie Murphy, Conor Ryan, Michael Ryan(D), Billy Phelan, Matt Shortt, Frankie Shortt, Michael McGrath, Rody Lowry, Johnny Quinlan, "Whiskey" Dunne,
Michael Ryan(Long), Paddy Looby, Tommy Tierney, Martin Murphy, Johnny Keane, J.C.Ryan, John Ryan(Line), P.McKeown,
Tommy Carr, T.J.Ryan, Willie Corbett, P.Carey, Eamonn Burke, Joe Graham, Tim Bourke, Jimmy McLoughney, M.Treacy,
Eugene Shortt, Paddy Dwyer, Ger Dunne, Brendan Baker, William Ryan, Johnny Buckley.

Competitive Matches

L. Aglish 0-6 Clodiagh (Martin Browne 4 (2 pens.), Tom Kennedy, Matt Shortt)
L. Clodiagh 1-1 Castleview Rangers (Billy Phelan)
L. Ballymackey 0-2 Clodiagh (Martin Browne 2)
L. Clodiagh 1-1 Shinrone United (Phil Lowry)
L. Templetuohy 2-1 Clodiagh (Paddy Clancy)
L. Clodiagh 4-0 Borroway Rovers B (Whiskey Dunne 2, Frankie Shortt, Paddy Clancy)
L. Clodiagh 2-1 Templemore B (Patrick Looby, Seamus Barry)

1979-80 Season

New Members

Tom Dunne, Francis Murphy, Jim Kearns, Tom Barry, Michael Hickey, Thomas Loughnane, Thomas Hickey,
Willie Crowe, John Dunne, Phil Fogarty, Eddie Grant, Paddy Fogarty, Liam Ryan, Brendan O’Connor, John Stokes, Michael Brett,
Michael Slattery R.I.P., Tom Berkery, John Murray, S.Ralph, Martin Sheridan, Michael Coffey.

Competitive Matches

Borris Town 1-2 Clodiagh A
Clodiagh A 1-1 Borrisokane
Portumna Town 3-6 Clodiagh A
Clodiagh A 3-3 Borroway A
Ramblers 1-0 Clodiagh A
Clodiagh A 2-2 Blackcastle A
Rathcabbin 6-0 Clodiagh A
Clodiagh A 3-1 Castleview Rangers
Clodiagh A 2-2 Kennedy Park
Clodiagh A 1-1 Borris Town
Borrisokane 2-2 Clodiagh A
Clodiagh A 6-1 Portumna Town

Paddy Clancy in action c 1979

1981/82 Season

New Members

Eamon Maher, Brian Keane, Padraig Ryan, John Stapleton, Richie Ryan, Denis Kennedy, Billy Hayes, Phil Murray, John Hickey, Jimmy Hayes, John Quinlan, Pat Browne, Dan Quinlan.

Clodiagh Side c 1982


New Members

During the period 1985 to 1990 many of the earlier members retired or left the club but there was an influx of new blood. Some of the new players to join Clodiagh in the mid to late eighties were:

Seamus Armstrong, John O’Connell, T.J.O’Dwyer, Mike Lawlor, L.T.Ryan, Jerry Ryan(Red), Billy Lawlor, Donacha Cullagh, Tom Cullagh, Larry Ryan, Mike Stapleton, Ned Sweeney, Paul Ryan, MP Cullagh, Dermot Dunne, Jim Dunne, Padraig Hayes, Pat Hassett, John McGrath, Gerry Stapleton. Ronnie Kells.

On Good Friday 1985 Clodiagh went to Nenagh AFC to contest a title decider, needing just a draw to clinch the title. A late, hotly contested penalty decision against Paddy Ryan(C) cost Clodiagh a 1-2 defeat and the title.

During this time the club had two teams intermittently. It won two Fast Food Cups in the eighties on both occasions defeating Blackcastle B.

In 1990 the team reached the Super Cup Final and after taking the lead through Eamonn Maher they eventually were beaten 1-2 by a strong Nenagh A side. This game was played in front of arguably the biggest crowd ever to watch a soccer match in Drombane.

1990-91 Season

Competitive Matches

L.Clodiagh 3-1 Montore Celtic (L.T.Ryan 3)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 0-1 Thurles Town A
L.Dolla Rovers 2-2 Clodiagh (P.Clancy,P.Treacy pen)
L.Moneygall B 2-1 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Clonmore (Paddy Clancy 2)
L.Clodiagh 3-2 Toomevara (P.Treacy,Tommy Ryan,Jerry Ryan)
L.Montore Celtic 0-2 Clodiagh (M.P.Cullagh, P.Treacy pen.)
L.Clodiagh 5-0 Silvermines (Dolla) (P.Clancy, M.P.Cullagh 2,Paddy Casey 2)
L.Clodiagh 1-0 Arra Rovers (M.P.Cullagh)
Shield.Clodiagh 2-1 Moneygall B (P.Clancy,L.T.Ryan)
Super Cup.Clodiagh 3-0 Moyne (Dermot Dunne 2, Paddy Casey)
Barry Cup.Clodiagh 3-2 Nenagh Celtic (D.Dunne 2, Paddy Casey)
L.Clodiagh 1-1 Ballymackey B (Pat Treacy pen.)
Barry Cup.St.Pat’s 1-1 Clodiagh (Paddy Clancy)(Clodiagh won 4-2 on pens A.E.T.)
L.Arra Rovers 1-1 Clodiagh (T.J.O’Dwyer)
Fast Food Cup.Clodiagh 3-1 Moyne (P.Clancy 2, Paddy Casey)
Super Cup.Clodiagh 0-3 Ardcroney A
L.Clodiagh 1-1 Moneygall B (L.T.Ryan)
L.Ballymackey B 3-0 Clodiagh
Shield Q/F.Clodiagh 1-1 Clonmore (Pat Treacy)(Clodiagh won 3-2 on pens A.E.T.)
F.F.Cup Q/F.Clodiagh 1-2 Toomevara (L.T.Ryan)
B.Cup.Q/F.Ballymackey A 5-0 Clodiagh
Shield S/F.Clodiagh 4-1 Thurles Town B (Jerry Ryan,L.T.Ryan,Eamonn Maher,Paddy Casey)
L.Toomevara 1-5 Clodiagh (Paddy Clancy,E.Maher, M.P.Cullagh,Jerry Ryan,Jim Dunne)
L.S/F.Clodiagh 1-2 Blackcastle B (T.J.O’Dwyer)(After Extra Time)
Shield Final.Blackcastle B 3-2 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan, Paddy Clancy)
Played : 27
Won : 13
Drew : 6
Lost : 8
Goals For : 48 Against : 37
Leading Scorers: Paddy Clancy 10, L.T. Ryan 9
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Paul Ryan

1991-92 Season

Competitive Matches

Shield 1st Leg.Newtown Celtic 2-3 Clodiagh (Mike Lawlor 3)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 4-0 Toomevara (Mike Lawlor 3, Philip O’Dwyer)
L.St.Pat’s 7-1 Clodiagh (Pat Treacy)
F.A.I.Cup.St.John’s 2-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 2-3 Newtown Celtic (P.Treacy,M.Lawlor)
Shield 2nd Leg.Clodiagh 0-0 Newtown Celtic (Clodiagh won 3-2 on aggregate)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 3-0 Moneygall B (M.P.Cullagh, Philip O’Dwyer,L.T.Ryan)
L.Nenagh B 1-0 Clodiagh
L.Newtown Celtic 5-2 Clodiagh (Paul Ryan, Philip O’Dwyer)
L.Ardcroney B 1-0 Clodiagh
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 1-2 Nenagh A ( Paul Ryan)
Wrenday.Clodiagh 3-1 Westside (Mike Lawlor,T.J. O’Dwyer,L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh 1-2 Rearcross (Eamonn Maher)
L.Clodiagh 0-3 Carrick Park A
L.Blackcastle B 1-3 Clodiagh (T.J.O’Dwyer pen., Paul Ryan,Mike Lawlor)
L.Clodiagh 1-2 St.Pat’s (Mike Lawlor)
L.Clodiagh 2-0 Ardcroney B (M.Lawlor,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Moneygall A 1-2 Clodiagh (M.Lawlor,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Rearcross 0-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 0-0 Nenagh Celtic A
L.Clodiagh 0-0 Blackcastle B
L.Carrick Park A 2-2 Clodiagh (Philip O’Dwyer 2)
Tipp.Cup.Ballywilliam 2-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Moneygall A (Jerry Ryan,M.Lawlor)
Sh.S/F.Nenagh Celtic A 3-1 Clodiagh (M.Lawlor)
L.Clodiagh 1-3 Nenagh B (M.P.Cullagh)
L.Nenagh Celtic A 4-3 Clodiagh (Mike Lawlor 2, L.T.Ryan)
Barry Cup.Nenagh A 3-0 Clodiagh

Played : 28
Won : 8
Drew : 5
Lost : 15
Goals For : 37 Against : 51
Leading Scorers : Mike Lawlor 16, Philip O’Dwyer 7
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Niall Ryan

Clodiagh Side early 1990s

1992-93 Season

Competitive Matches

Shield 1st Leg.Moneygall A 6-3 Clodiagh (E.Cullagh, Benjy Browne,M.P.Cullagh)
Shield 2nd Leg.Clodiagh 4-2 Moneygall A (E.Cullagh 2,T.J.O’Dwyer pen.,P.Clancy)
L.Clodiagh 3-2 Cloughjordan (T.J.O’Dwyer pen., P.Clancy,E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 0-1 Ballymackey
L.Moneygall A 4-1 Clodiagh (Tom Quinlan pen.)
L.Clodiagh 3-2 Ardcroney A (E.Cullagh 2,L.T.Ryan)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 3-0 Nenagh Celtic B (M.Lawlor, L.T.Ryan,E.Cullagh)
L.Newtown Celtic 2-2 Clodiagh (B.Browne,o.g.)
L.Clodiagh 3-0 Arra Rovers (P.O’Dwyer 2,E.Cullagh)
L.Thurles Town 2-3 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan, Philip O’Dwyer 2)
M.J.Cup.Nenagh B 1-1 Clodiagh (Benjy Browne) (Nenagh B won 3-0 on pens.)
L.Shinrone 2-2 Clodiagh (P.Treacy,Donacha Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 1-1 Rearcross A (Eamon Cullagh)
Wren.Westside 0-2 Clodiagh (P.O’Dwyer,C.O’Dwyer)
L.Clodiagh 0-3 Shinrone
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Moneygall A (M.Lawlor,P.Treacy pen)
L.St.Pat’s 1-3 Clodiagh (B.Treacy 2,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Nenagh B (L.T.Ryan,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Cloughjordan 1-4 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan 2,P.O’Dwyer, Pat Treacy pen.)
L.Clodiagh 1-1 Thurles Town (Eamon Cullagh)
L.Rearcross A 2-4 Clodiagh (C.O’Dwyer 2,L.T.Ryan, Eamon Cullagh)
L.Ballymackey 2-1 Clodiagh (M.P.Cullagh)
L.Ardcroney A 1-3 Clodiagh (P.Treacy pen.,Conor O’Dwyer,L.T.Ryan)
Barry Cup.Clodiagh 0-2 Nenagh B
L.Arra Rovers 2-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 3-3 St.Pat’s (C.O’Dwyer 2,E.Cullagh)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh 3-0 Holycross A (L.T.Ryan, Eamon Cullagh,John Treacy)
L.Nenagh B 0-2 Clodiagh (E.Cullagh,Paddy Clancy)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh 0-0 Ardcroney B (Clodiagh won 4-3 on pens.)
L.Clodiagh 4-2 Newtown Celtic (Tommy Ryan,Eamon Cullagh,Philip O’Dwyer,L.T.Ryan)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh 5-2 Carrick Park A (E.Cullagh 3, Philip O’Dwyer 2)
Tipp.Cup.Q/F.Silvermines 2-0 Clodiagh
Played : 32
Won : 17
Drew : 7
Lost : 8
Goals For : 68 Against : 51
Leading Scorers :
Eamon Cullagh 18 Philip O’Dwyer 11
Player Of The Year Awarded To : L.T.Ryan

1993-95 Seasons

The seasons 1993-94 and 1994-95 were not documented which is a great pity as in 1993-94 our B team captured the Third Division title. They lost the Divisional Cup Final 1-3 to Holycross in the same year. Our A team managed to avoid relegation from the Premier Division having made the step up from 92-93.
However a 0-3 defeat away to Streamstown Celtic meant an early exit from the Tipperary Cup. In 1994-95 our A team which was made up of many of the previous seasons B team put up a brave challenge in the Premier eventually finishing 3rd behind the traditional powers of Nenagh A and Blackcastle A.
The team made another unexpected early departure from the Tipperary Cup following defeat to Shannon Rangers that season. Meanwhile our B team had an uneventful season finishing mid table in Division 2. Brendan Treacy was awarded A team player of the year for 1994-95 while Pat Treacy took the B team award.

1995/96 Season

Competitive Matches

Shield.Thurles Town A 1-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 1-4 Nenagh A (Eamon Cullagh)
L.Blackcastle A 3-1 Clodiagh (Brendan Treacy)
L.Ballymackey 1-2 Clodiagh (Nippy Casey,B.Treacy)
L.Clodiagh 1-3 Arra Rovers (B.Treacy pen.)
M.J.Cup.Ballymackey 3-2 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan,B.Treacy pen.)
L.Borrisokane A 0-1 Clodiagh (Tommy Ryan)
F.A.I.Clodiagh 2-6 Nenagh A (E.Cullagh 2 (1 pen.))
L.Clodiagh 1-2 Cloughjordan (B.Treacy pen.)
L.Moneygall A 2-0 Clodiagh
L.Thurles Town A 0-3 Clodiagh (B.Treacy, Kevin Kennedy, E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 2-0 Nenagh CelticA.(B.Treacy, L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh 0-0 Borrisokane A
L.Cloughjordan 1-4 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan,B.Treacy pen.,Philip O’Dwyer,Pat Kilbane)
L.Clodiagh 3-1 Ballywilliam (P.Kilbane,B.Treacy pen.,Desi Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 5-0 Thurles Town A (K.Kennedy,Desi Cullagh 2,Mike Lawlor,B.Treacy)
Wrenday.Westside 2-1 Clodiagh (Desi Cullagh)
Prem.Cup.Cloughjordan 1-1 Clodiagh (P.O’Dwyer) (Clough won 4-3 on pens.)
L.Newtown Cel.A 5-2 Clodiagh (D.Cullagh,E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 1-3 Blackcastle A (o.g.)
L.Clodiagh 3-5 Moneygall A (K.Kennedy,B.Treacy pen.,E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 2-0 Ballymackey (L.T.Ryan,E.Cullagh)
L.Arra Rovers 1-0 Clodiagh
L.Nenagh Celtic A 2-2 Clodiagh (B.Treacy,Tom Quinlan)
L.Clodiagh 0-1 Newtown Celtic A
T.Cup.Clodiagh 1-0 Rearcross A (Kevin Kennedy)
L.Ballywilliam 2-1 Clodiagh (Desi Cullagh)
L.Nenagh A 2-2 Clodiagh (B.Treacy pen.,E.Cullagh)
T.Cup Q/F.Templetuohy 0-1 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan)
Tipp.Cup S/F.Thurles Town A 1-2 Clodiagh (Jerry Ryan,E.Cullagh)
Tipp. CupFinal.Clodiagh 2-1 Toomevara (E.Cullagh 2)

End Of Season Statistics

Played : 30
Won : 12
Drew : 4
Lost : 14
Goals For : 48 Against : 51
Leading Scorers
Brendan Treacy 13 Eamon Cullagh 11
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Tommy Ryan

Tippeary Cup Winners 1996

1996-97 Season

Competitive Matches

Shield.Thurles Town A 1-0 Clodiagh
S.Cloughjordan A 2-2 Clodiagh (Brendan Treacy pen.,Liam Cullagh) (Clodiagh won 4-1 on pens.)
L.Clodiagh 0-1 Ballymackey
L.Blackcastle A 6-1 Clodiagh (M.P.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh 4-3 Moneygall A (Eamon Cullagh,Liam Cullagh,Johnny Keane,Benjy Browne)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh 2-6 Rearcross A (Benjy Browne, Diarmuid Kinnane)
L.Clodiagh 0-2 Thurles Town A
L.Borrisokane A 3-5 Clodiagh (M.P.Cullagh,B.Treacy pen.,Jerry Ryan,Eamon Cullagh 2)
L.Clodiagh 1-4 Arra Rovers (Desi Cullagh)
F.A.I.Clodiagh 2-1 Ballymackey(B.Treacy,P.Kilbane)
L.Clodiagh 3-1 Borrisokane A (Desi Cullagh,Eamon Cullagh,Brendan Treacy pen.)
F.A.I.Clonmel Town 5-0 Clodiagh
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Nenagh A (Desi Cullagh 2)
L.Ballymackey 0-2 Clodiagh (Jerry Ryan,L.Cullagh)
Sh.S/F Clodiagh 1-3 Nenagh A (Brendan Treacy)
L.Clodiagh 2-1 Newtown Celtic A (B.Treacy pen., Eamon Cullagh)
Wrenday.Westside 1-3 Clodiagh (M.P.Cullagh, Eamon Cullagh 2 (1 pen.))
L.Cloughjordan A 0-0 Clodiagh
L.Thurles Town A 0-2 Clodiagh(T.Quinlan,E.Cullagh)
L.Moneygall A 2-1 Clodiagh (Philip O’Dwyer)
L.Arra Rovers 3-1 Clodiagh (Philip O’Dwyer)
T.Cup.Clodiagh 1-0 Newtown Celtic A (K.Kennedy)
L.Clodiagh 3-0 Cloughjordan A (Eamon Cullagh,Kevin Kennedy,L.T.Ryan)
L.Nenagh A 4-0 Clodiagh
Prem.Cup.Clodiagh 2-0 Moneygall A (K.Kennedy,Desi Cullagh)
L.Newtown Celtic A 3-2 Clodiagh (B.Treacy 2 (1 pen.))
L.Clodiagh 0-2 Blackcastle A
Tipp.Cup.Shinrone 1-1 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan) (Clodiagh win 3-1 on pens.)
Prem.Cup S/F.Newtown Celtic A 2-3 Clodiagh (L.T.Ryan,K.Kennedy,E.Cullagh)
Tipp.Cup Q/F Moyne Rovers 1-3 Clodiagh (Eamon Cullagh,Kevin Kennedy,Philip O’Dwyer)
Tipp.Cup S/F Clodiagh 1-2 Kilcommon (o.g.)
Prem.Cup Final Nenagh A 3-1 Clodiagh (P.O’Dwyer)

End Of Season Statistics

Played : 30
Won : 13
Drew : 3
Lost : 14
Goals For : 48 Against : 62
Leading Scorers Eamon Cullagh 9, Brendan Treacy 8
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Philip O’Dwyer

1997-98 Season

Competitive Matches (First Team)

L.Clodiagh A 1-0 Cloughjordan A (P.O’Dwyer)
Shield.Clodiagh A 1-2 Arra Rovers (L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 0-5 Blackcastle A
L.Ardcroney A 2-2 Clodiagh A (Johnny Butler,o.g.)
L.Clodiagh A 2-4 Nenagh A (L.T.Ryan,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Moneygall A 3-2 Clodiagh A (Kevin Loughnane,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Moyne Rovers 5-0 Clodiagh A
L.Clodiagh A 4-3 Thurles Town A (B.Treacy,S.Quinlan,E.Cullagh,P.O’Dwyer)
L.Borrisokane 1-1 Clodiagh A (L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 0-0 Newtown Celtic A
L.Clodiagh A 2-2 Arra Rovers (T.Quinlan pen.,E.Cullagh)
L.Cloughjordan A 1-0 Clodiagh A
L.Newtown Celtic A 0-0 Clodiagh A
L.Thurles Town A 1-1 Clodiagh A (K.Kennedy)
Wrenday.Clodiagh 3-2 Dundrum United (P.Kilbane,P.O’Dwyer,Conor O’Dwyer)
L.Clodiagh A 1-3 Moyne Rovers (B.Treacy)
L.Clodiagh A 1-1 Borrisokane (E.Cullagh)
L.Blackcastle A 2-0 Clodiagh A
Prem.Cup.Clodiagh A 2-3 Ardcroney A (L.T.Ryan,K.Kennedy)
L.Moneygall A 1-2 Clodiagh A (P.O’Dwyer,P.Clancy)
Tipp.Cup.Thurles Town A 0-1 Clodiagh A (T.Ryan)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh A 2-2 Ballymackey (E.Cullagh,K.Kennedy) (Clodiagh won 3-1 on pens)
L.Arra Rovers 0-0 Clodiagh A
L.Clodiagh A 4-2 Ardcroney A (K.Kennedy,B.Treacy pen.,L.T.Ryan,E.Cullagh)
Tipp.Cup Q/F Clodiagh A 3-4 Holycross (B.Treacy,P.O’Dwyer,Seamus Coffey)
L.Nenagh A 3-2 Clodiagh A (B.Treacy,E.Cullagh)

End Of Season Statistics (First Team)

Played : 26
Won : 6
Drew : 9
Lost : 11
Goals For : 37 Against : 52
Leading Scorers Philip O’Dwyer 7 Eamon Cullagh 6
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Brian Phelan

Competitive Matches (Second Team)

L.Ardcroney B 6-2 Clodiagh B (Ollie McLoughlin 2)
S.Clodiagh B 2-3 Puckane Utd. (P.Clancy,J.Butler)
L.Streamstown Celtic 4-1 Clodiagh B (O.McLoughlin)
L.Kilcommon B 1-4 Clodiagh B (Shane Quinlan 2, O.McLoughlin,Eoin Delahunty)
L.Rearcross B 4-1 Clodiagh B (S.Quinlan)
L.Ballinahinch 3-1 Clodiagh B (S.Quinlan)
L.Nenagh Celtic B 7-0 Clodiagh B
L.Clodiagh B 0-1 Streamstown Celtic
L.Kinnitty Rovers 2-1 Clodiagh B (o.g.)
L.Puckane United 2-0 Clodiagh B
L.Clodiagh B 3-0 Kilcommon B (Mike Carey,Frankie Shortt,Sean Purcell)
L.Clodiagh B 1-2 Ardcroney B (E.Delahunty)
L.Clodiagh B 2-1 Rearcross B (E.Delahunty,M.Carey)
L.Clodiagh B 2-3 Ballinahinch (E.Delahunty,P.Gould)
L.Clodiagh B 6-1 Nenagh Celtic B (E.Delahunty,Desi Cullagh 2,Paul Gould 2,M.Carey)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh B 1-2 Holycross (P.Gould pen.)
L.Clodiagh B 0-1 Kinnitty Rovers
L.Clodiagh B 2-2 Puckane United (D.Delahunty 2)
N.Kennedy Cup.Clodiagh B 5-4 Ardcroney B (D.Delahunty 5)
N.Kennedy Cup S/F.Puckane United 1-0 Clodiagh B

End Of Season Statistics (Second Team)

Played : 20
Won : 5
Drew : 1
Lost : 14
Goals For : 34 Against : 50
Leading Scorers : Diarmuid Delahunty 7, Eoin Delahunty 5
Player Of The Year Awarded To : John Keane

1998-99 Season

Competitive Matches (First Team)

S.Clodiagh A 3-1 Kilcommon A (B.Treacy 2 pens., J.Butler)
S.Q/F.Moneygall A 0-0 Clodiagh A(Clodiagh won 3-0 on pens.)
L.Birdhill 3-1 Clodiagh A (Diarmuid Delahunty)
L.Clodiagh A 1-0 Kilcommon A (Jim Carr)
L.Silvermines 0-3 Clodiagh A(J.Carr 2,D.Delahunty)
M.J.Cup.Cloughjordan A 5-4 Clodiagh A (L.T.Ryan 2 pens.,D.Delahunty,Brian Phelan)
L.Nenagh B 4-3 Clodiagh A (B.Browne,J.Carr,Nippy Casey)
L.Ballymackey 3-0 Clodiagh A
F.A.I.Cup.Clodiagh A 3-5 St.Pauls (Waterford) (Pat Kilbane,Eamon Cullagh,L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 4-1 Borrisokane (D.Delahunty,Nippy Casey,J.Carr,L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 4-4 Templetuohy (E.Cullagh 3,Liam Cullagh)
L.Nenagh Celtic A 0-3 Clodiagh A (D.Delahunty 2, Liam Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh A 3-4 Silvermines (E.Cullagh 2,J.Carr)
L.Kilcommon A 3-1 Clodiagh A (Kevin Kennedy)
L.Templetuohy 1-3 Clodiagh A (Eamon Cullagh 3)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh A 5-0 Silvermines (E.Cullagh 2, Diarmuid Delahunty 2,Brian Phelan)
L.Clodiagh A 0-1 Nenagh B
Tipp.Cup.Thurles Town A 2-3 Clodiagh A (E.Cullagh 2,Jim Carr)
L.Clodiagh A 6-2 Nenagh Celtic A (L.T.Ryan,Brian Phelan,D.Delahunty,L.Cullagh,N.Casey,E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh A 1-3 Ballymackey (K.Kennedy)
Shield S/F.Clodiagh A 1-2 Nenagh B (E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh A 1-2 Birdhill (Shane Quinlan)
L.Borrisokane 4-2 Clodiagh A (P.Clancy,P.Kilbane)
Tipp.Cup.Q/F.Shinrone 2-4 Clodiagh A (K.Kennedy 2,Donacha Cullagh,Conor O’Dwyer)
L.Toomevara 3-1 Clodiagh A (Eamon Cullagh)
Barry Cup Q/F.Clodiagh A 3-0 Silvermines (L.T.Ryan,Tom Quinlan,Kevin Kennedy)
Barry Cup S/F.Templetuohy 3-2 Clodiagh A (Kevin Kennedy,Donacha Cullagh)
Tipp.Cup.S/F.Blackcastle A 3-1 Clodiagh A (Tom Quinlan)

End Of Season Statistics (First Team)

Played : 28
Won : 12
Drew : 2
Lost : 14
Goals For : 64 Against : 56
Leading Scorers : Eamon Cullagh 15, Diarmuid Delahunty 9
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Pat Kilbane

Competitive Matches (Second Team)

Sh.Clodiagh B 3-5 Clonmore (Kevin Loughnane, Paul Gould pen.,Seamus Griffin)
L.Clodiagh B 4-0 Ballinahinch (Match Abandoned After 20 mins.)(Mike Carey 2,Dinny Ryan,o.g.)
L.Clodiagh B 1-1 Carrick Park (S.Griffin)
L.Cormackstown Rovers 0-0 Clodiagh B
L.Clodiagh B 4-1 Bouladuff B (P.Gould 2,Denis McCullagh,Brian Purcell)
L.Clodiagh B 0-1 Puckane United
L.Clodiagh B 0-1 Nenagh Celtic B
L.Clonmore 3-2 Clodiagh B (P.Gould 2 pens.)
M.J.Cup.Clodiagh B 0-13 Nenagh A
L.Streamstown Celtic 1-2 Clodiagh B (E.Cullagh,Joe Cleary)
L.Ballinahinch 2-2 Clodiagh B (E.Delahunty,M.Carey)
L.Rearcross B 7-3 Clodiagh B (B.Treacy 2,P.Gould pen.)
L.Clodiagh B 0-3 Kilcommon B
L.Ballingarry 5-2 Clodiagh B (E.Delahunty,B.Treacy pen.)
L.Clodiagh B 1-3 Streamstown Celtic (John Ryan)
Tipp.Cup.Clodiagh B 1-4 Nenagh Celtic B (A.E.T) (Niall Ryan pen.)
L.Clodiagh B 2-0 Clonmore (M.P.Cullagh,Pat Treacy)
L.Clodiagh B 1-4 Cormackstown (P.Gould)
L.Puckane United 3-2 Clodiagh B (Don Cullagh,o.g.)
L.Nenagh Celtic B 3-2 Clodiagh B (Sean Maguire, E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh B 0-6 Rearcross B
L.Clodiagh B 1-4 Ballingarry (Jim Ryan Bomber)
N.Kennedy Cup Q/F.Rearcross B 1-1 Clodiagh B (M.Carey) (Clodiagh won 3-1 on pens.)
N.Kennedy Cup S/F.Ballingarry 2-1 Clodiagh B (Sean Maguire) (A.E.T.)
L.Kilcommon B 2-3 Clodiagh B (Donacha Cullagh, Eamon Cullagh,Pat Treacy)

End Of Season Statistics (Second Team)

Played : 25
Won : 5
Drew : 4
Lost : 16
Goals For : 38 Against : 75
Leading Scorer : Paul Gould 7
Player Of The Year Awarded To : Niall Ryan

1999-2000 Season

Competitive Matches (First Team)

Shield.Clodiagh A 1-1 Silvermines (B.Treacy)(Silvermines win 4-3 on pens.A.E.T.)
L.Templetuohy 2-3 Clodiagh A (J.Carr,D.Delahunty,E.Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh A 2-0 Silvermines (D.Delahunty,D.Carr)
L.Holycross 1-6 Clodiagh A (B.Treacy 2 (1 pen.) D.Delahunty,Bonny Kennedy,E.Cullagh,L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 0-0 Shinrone A
L.Clodiagh A 2-1 Nenagh B (E.Cullagh 2)
F.A.I.Waterford Hibs.3-1 Clodiagh A(D.Delahunty)
L.Kilcommon A 1-1 Clodiagh A (L.T.Ryan)
L.Clodiagh A 2-1 Newtown Celtic (Eamon Cullagh, Diarmuid Delahunty)
L.Roscrea Town 0-7 Clodiagh A (Eamon Cullagh 3, Diarmuid Delahunty 2,L.T.Ryan,Pat Kilbane)
L.Clodiagh A 3-1 Templetuohy (D.Delahunty,D.Carr,Eamon Cullagh)
L.Clodiagh A 5-2 Toomevara (D.Delahunty,D.Carr,Brendan Treacy pen.,L.T.Ryan,Jim Carr)
L.Clodiagh A 4-2 Kilcommon A (Eamon Cullagh 2, Brendan Treacy 2 (1 pen))
L.Clodiagh A 1-0 Holycross (Jim Carr)
Tipp.Cup.Blackcastle B 0-1 Clodiagh A (D.Carr)
L.Nenagh B 1-5 Clodiagh A (E.Cullagh 2,L.T.Ryan, D.Carr,Niall Ryan)
Barry Cup.Clodiagh A 1-1 Holycross (O.G)(Clodiagh win 5-3 on pens.A.E.T.)
Barry Cup Q.F. Clodiagh A 4-1 Roscrea Town(E.Cullagh 2,D.Delahunty,T.Quinlan pen.)
L.Newtown Celtic 0-2 Clodiagh A (D.Delahunty, Declan Carr)

Summary of the 1990s

1990-91 : Division Two League Semi-Finalists. Shield Finalists.
1991-92 : Finished 8th in Division One. Shield Semi-Finalists.
1992-93 : First Team 3rd in Division One.
Tipperary Cup Quarter Finalists.
Second Team mid table in Third Division.
1993-94 :
First Team 8th in Premier Division.
Second Team Third Division Winners.
Nora Kennedy Cup Finalists.
1994-95 : First Team 3rd in Premier Division.
Second Team 6th in Division Two.
1995-96 : Finished 7th in Premier Division.
Tipperary Cup Winners.
1996-97 : Finished 6th in Premier Division.
Premier Cup Finalists.
Tipperary Cup Semi-Finalists.
Shield Semi-Finalists.
  1997-98 : First Team 10th in Premier Division.
  Tipperary Cup Quarter Finalists.
  Second Team 8th in Third Division.
  Nora Kennedy Cup Semi-Finalists.
  1998-99 : First Team 6th in First Division.
  Tipperary Cup Semi-Finalists.
  Barry Cup Semi-Finalists.
  Shield Semi-Finalists.
  Second Team 9th in Third Division.
  Nora Kennedy Cup Semi-Finalists.

  Tipperary Cup Record 1996 Onwards
  1996 Walk Over Knock F.C.
  Beat Rearcross A 1-0 in Drombane.
  Q/F Beat Templetuohy 1-0 in Moyne.
  S/F Beat Thurles Town A 2-1 in Thurles.
  FINAL Beat Toomevara 2-1 in Thurles.
  Beat Newtown Celtic A 1-0 in Drombane.
  Beat Shinrone on pens after 1-1 draw in Shinrone.
  Q/F Beat Moyne Rovers 3-1 in Moyne.
  S/F Lost to Kilcommon 1-2 in Drombane.
  Beat Thurles Town A 1-0 in Thurles.
  Beat Ballymackey on pens after 2-2 draw in Drombane.
  Q/F Lost to Holycross 3-4 in Drombane.
  Beat Silvermines 5-0 in Drombane.
  Beat Thurles Town A 3-2 in Thurles.
  Q/F Beat Shinrone 4-2 in Shinrone.
  S/F Lost to Blackcastle A 1-3 in Templemore.

Ten Memorable Matches Of The Nineties

3/2/91 Barry Cup St.Pat’s V Clodiagh in Turtulla.
Clodiagh somehow came away from Thurles that day with a place in the Barry Cup quarter final won. St.Pat’s from the division above were hot favourites and from the start they dominated the game with Alan Carey in particular tormenting the Clodiagh defence.
St.Pat’s scored after 15 minutes and spent the rest of the match camped in the Clodiagh half but amazingly failed to increase their lead. In the dying minutes Clodiagh made a rare break and suddenly Paddy Casey put Paddy Clancy through to equalise and send the game into extra time.
Clodiagh now looked the more likely winners as the goal seemed to stun Pat’s but extra time failed to produce another goal and the match went to penalties.
Pat Treacy, Paul Ryan and Paddy Casey converted for Clodiagh to give them an unlikely victory.

   28/2/93 League Cloughjordan V Clodiagh in Clough.
With both sides in contention for the First Division title this game was always going to be vital.
Recent Clodiagh form was good but in this match they turned in one of their best displays away from home for many a long day. From the start they tore into the home side and L.T.Ryan had Clodiagh two up before Clough had time to settle.
Just before half time Cloughjordan pulled one back and it looked like the second half would be a struggle.
However Philip O’Dwyer who was having the game of his life put Clodiagh 3-1 up and when Pat Treacy fired home a penalty shortly afterwards, a deflated home side could do nothing but accept they were well beaten on the day.

  21/3/93 League Ballymackey V Clodiagh in Ballymackey.
Clodiagh’s title aspirations suffered a mortal blow in what was effectually the league decider that year.
To add insult to injury a disgraceful refereeing decision cost Clodiagh a draw.
The match like many clashes in the early nineties between these sides was not one for the faint hearted and with the added prospect of a league title at stake it turned out to be a ding dong battle from start to finish.
The referee was kept busy throughout this encounter as he handed out cards like Steve McQueen in The Cincinatti Kid although the red variety failed to make an appearance to the surprise of some.
Ballymackey took the lead in the first half and shaded proceedings until midway through the second period.
Then things changed when M.P.Cullagh struck a splendid volley to the net from the edge of the area.
At that point a draw looked likely but the game was turned on it’s head in the last ten minutes. In a bizarre incident Clodiagh’s ‘keeper Jim Ryan failed to get elevation in his kick out and instead of landing midway up the field the ball struck a Clodiagh defender on the back of the legs 25 yards out and rebounded towards Ryan’s penalty area.
A pacey Ballymackey forward was first to react and as he reached the ball he was upended by a lunging tackle from Pat Treacy a good two yards outside the box. The referee who was positioned in the middle of the pitch having anticipated that the original kick out would land around there blew his whistle amid the shrieks from the home fans and astonishingly pointed to the spot.
Ballymackey converted the controversial penalty and held out for a victory which enabled them to claim the First Division title a few weeks later while Clodiagh despaired as they left what has become something of a graveyard for their ambitions over the years.

  29/5/93 Tipperary Cup 3rd Round Clodiagh V Carrick Park A in Drombane.
On a muddy Saturday evening in Drombane no one would have predicted such a tremendous game as this was. Carrick Park A were Premier Division high-fliers and favourites to reach the last eight in this competition but Clodiagh played superbly despite the soft conditions to win 5-2.
Philip O’Dwyer grabbed two goals and started the move that led to one of the best goals ever witnessed in Drombane.
In a quick break upfield he found Brendan Treacy on the right wing who in turn whipped in a first time cross towards the edge of the area. In a moment of brilliance Eamon Cullagh without breaking his stride and under pressure from a defender met the ball with a flying header which looped over the diving keeper and dipped into the roof of the net from 18 yards.
Cullagh added to this wonder goal with two more to claim his first hat-trick for Clodiagh and complete a great night for the club.

  17/12/95 League Clodiagh V Thurles Town A in Drombane.
In 90 minutes of magic Clodiagh punished their great rivals from the town with a clinical display of finishing.
Town finished the match with just nine players as their frustration boiled over at the ease of Clodiaghs victory by 5-0. Desi Cullagh tormented them with two trademark goals with Kevin Kennedy and Mike Lawlor adding further efforts before Brendan Treacy celebrated his 21st birthday by playing a neat one-two with substitute Bonny Kennedy on the edge of the box and drilling home Clodiagh’s fifth.
A very satisfying day’s work!

28/6/96 Tipperary Cup Final Clodiagh v Toomevara (Greyhound Stadium)
It doesn’t get better than this! The happiest evening of the club’s history and the best moment of the Clodiagh players careers when L.T.Ryan lifted the Tipperary Cup.
It was memorable for what we’d achieved rather than the match itself which was not the spectacle it might have been. Clodiagh were slow to settle and nerves seemed to effect many of the players. The game was littered with stoppages as the ball went out of play constantly on the narrow pitch and the linesmen were busy flagging offsides.
Nevertheless Clodiagh struck first when Eamon Cullagh shot right footed home from 12 yards eight minutes before the break. 15 minutes into the second half Clodiagh got the all important second goal.
A battling Jerry Ryan won a ball he had no right to and he played it to Philip O’Dwyer down the right flank. O’Dwyer played a speculative pass forward for Eamon Cullagh to run onto but a Toome defender looked to have the threat covered.
However,Cullagh wrangled free in front of the defender and as the ‘keeper approached from his area he cooly lobbed the ball over him with his weaker left foot and into the empty net.
Toomevara weren’t lying down though and with about 20 minutes left they scrambled a goal back and the pressure was on.
For what seemed like hours the final quarter dragged on with Toomevara threatening more and more but our defence and keeper Jim Ryan stood up admirably.
In the dying minutes Clodiagh had a couple of great chances to seal victory but they were spurned which added to the intense anxiety around the pitch. When referee Shay Donnelly finally blew for full time the joy and relief was plain to be seen. A great sporting memory had just been created. Hard to recall the celebrations though!
24/11/96 League Clodiagh V Nenagh A in Drombane
Clodiagh had started the season sluggishly and in the previous week had been given a lesson in football away to Clonmel Town’s first team in the F.A.I.Cup.
But for some reason that defeat acted as a catalyst for Clodiagh to embark on an unbeaten league run that was to last until late January.
That run started in Drombane when Clodiagh stunned North Tipperary’s top side by winning 2-1. Nenagh found Desi Cullagh’s trickery too hot to handle early on as he put the home team 2-0 after 20 minutes with a shot from the edge of the box and then a header from a corner.
It was tear up the script time at this stage as Clodiagh more than matched their more illustrious opponents.
Nenagh pulled a goal back midway through the second half and then in the dying minutes they were awarded a rather harsh penalty. The spot kick was beaten away by Pat Treacy in the Clodiagh goal but the referee ordered it to be retaken due to encroachment into the area before it was struck.
The second effort to equalise had Treacy going the wrong way but to Clodiagh’s delight the ball went outside the post and wide.
The referee did all he could for Nenagh at the end playing an amazing nine minutes of injury time but Clodiagh held out for a historic win.

4/5/97 Tipperary Cup Semi-Final Clodiagh V Kilcommon in Drombane.
After the great high of capturing the Tipperary Cup the previous year and the valiant efforts by the team to retain it,we suffered bitter disappointment at the hands of a spirited Kilcommon side before a hugh crowd at our field.
Kilcommon took the game to Clodiagh from the start and were in front after 10 minutes.
Clodiagh found it difficult to get going in this match but managed to force an equaliser in off a defender 15 minutes later.
The killer blow came close to half time when a hit and hope drive from forty yards was fumbled by ‘keeper Pat Treacy and adjudged to have crossed the line to put Kilcommon ahead again.
Clodiagh found it very difficult to create any clear-cut chances throughout the match while Kilcommon who were cheered on by a large visiting contigent could have added to their tally but for the woodwork on two occasions.
And so it ended at 1-2 with Clodiagh having to wave goodbye to the cup which was all the more difficult considering we were knocked out by our local rivals on our own pitch without playing to our potential.

   1/2/98 League Clodiagh B V Nenagh Celtic B in Drombane.
This was Clodiagh B’s biggest win in recent season’s made all the more surprising when you take into account the away result to the same opposition.
The previous October Clodiagh B suffered a humiliating 0-7 defeat against Nenagh Celtic B and this time Clodiagh were out to avenge that loss.
They duly tore Celtic B apart with goals from Eoin Delahunty,Mike Carey and a brace apiece for Desi Cullagh and Paul Gould to leave the final score 6-1.
Indeed it actually was seven but in a comical moment referee Pajo Hewitt was convinced by the joking Nenagh Celtic defenders that a shot from Paul Gould went outside the post when in fact it was plain to be seen the ball clearly went under the net after going between the posts for what should have been Gould’s hat-trick.

  22/3/98 Nora Kennedy Cup Quarter Final Clodiagh B V Ardcroney B in Drombane.
  In one of the most pulsating games played in Drombane this decade Clodiagh B stunned eventual league runners up Ardcroney B by winning this nine goal Cup thriller in the dying minutes.
  The pendulum swung back and forth throughout the match with each side having spells in front but crucially one man proved to be the difference.
  Diarmuid Delahunty electrified proceedings with a clinical display of finishing that broke Ardcroney hearts in the end. His five goal tally in this match had pundits checking the club’s record books to confirm that no other Clodiagh player had scored five or more goals in a competitive match in the nineties.

Clodiagh Rangers Team Managers

In the early seasons Clodiagh did not appoint an outright manager but instead opted for joint selectors. Among those who had the job of team selection in the club’s infancy were :
Eugene Burke (RIP), Seamus Barry, Paddy Clancy, Billy Clancy, Michael Greene,Johnny Buckley,Jimmy Phelan,Eamon Ryan(C),Jack Looby, Richie Ryan, Conor Burke, Tommy Tierney, Dessie O’Malley, Paddy Fogarty.

  Since then among the team managers of club sides at junior level : Billy Phelan, Joe Graham, John O’Connell, Paddy Ryan(C), John Freeman, Paddy Clancy, Eamonn Maher, Pat Treacy, Donacha Cullagh, Declan Carr, Billy Clancy, Shane Quinlan, Tom Quinlan, Keith Ryan.